Comprising of four of Cornwall’s finest professional musicians, Saltwater Soul have been the ‘Go To’ band for couples in Devon & Cornwall looking to fill their dance floor on the biggest night of their lives.
The four members live spread out across the South West with members travelling from Liskeard, Plymouth, Newquay and Lostwithiel respectively for upwards of 80 weddings and parties each year.

Prior to Saltwater Soul’s formation in Summer 2017, each member had been part of a wedding covers bands but longed to be part of something more authentic. Not just a band that existed to perform at weddings, but a band that existed to play great, quality music and so SWS was born. As it happened, demand was so great after the first few pub and holiday park gigs that the band’s diary is now almost exclusively wedding bookings but unlike many bands, their set is the sort of music that resonates with the musicians playing it; not just musicians.

“Most of the songs that we play are songs that we’ve an affinity to and I think that comes across in the way we play them. There’s a few standards that every band playing a party has to play such as ‘Get Lucky’, ‘Happy’, ‘Uptown Funk’ and such but then there;’s tunes like Mr Brightside, Dakota, ’69 and tunes like that. They’re our songs. Every time we play them, there’s a smile on our face because they’re the tunes that we grew up with. I think that probably adds something to our performances that is hard to explain or quantify. It’s something that I think many bands don’t have. I saw some kids recently at a wedding playing ‘HoundDog’ by Elvis Presley. It’s a great song but it meant nothing to them. It was stale and I didn’t like that. Songs should mean something to you otherwise they lack energy and passion.” – Scott, Saltwater Soul.

The four members utilise pro gear from the likes of Fender, DW, Gretsch, Mesa Boogie and other industry household names to create a massive sound that is simply unrivalled in this part of the country. Barring a two week break each year for holidays and a 10 day cruise that the band perform on each year, they’re now available for private bookings every week of the year.

Also, if you’re looking for tuition on Guitar or Bass, one of the band’s members is also a teacher with the IGT. Please get in touch if that’s of interest.


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